04 Jan 2019

The Gun

Learning to design a production-ready weapon model

Bang Bang

Following from my prevoious post about my inspiration from playing Shadow of the Colossus, I have had a go at designing a weapon model I'd be happy to use in a final version of the game. I think what I have at the moment needs some texture work still but I think it'd be fit for purpose in a final version of the game. I'll probably actually have a go at remaking it at some point, but for now it's much nicer than my previous efforts where I only spent an hour at most on the weapon model.

What Went Well

I really liked using the Vertex motion shader to animate the pipes and wires on the gun, it feels really nice to move the gun around and not only have the UFPS springs move the whole model, but also see the smaller parts of the gun wobble around. It made the whole thing much more dynamic.

I also like the flow of the left side of the gun, there are 3 faces which are roughly in line which creates this movement of the eye from the base of the gun right to the crosshair, it feels quite satisfying. I put the details of the gun on that line like the wires and the plastic box and I think it works well to guide the eye around the surface of the gun.

Things To Improve

I don't like the pipe section at the front of the gun. It was the first part of the gun I made and I wanted it to be the focal point. In the final model the ring is animated and spins around as you fire which I think works well but the textures need re-doing, it just doesn't fit in with the rest of the model.

I wanted the gun to look heavy and robust initially but as I added wires I think the gun looks like prototypey and doesn't make sense. I'm not sure how I want to change it but when I looked at other models of guns they seemed very grey and plain, which I tried to mimic here. I think maybe going back to making it look more like a prototype device might add more oppotunity for colour.