02 Jan 2020

Making Models

Looking forward to the new year

Moving from prototyping to final game models

There's been a lot of progress since my last post. I don't think I'm ever going to be updating this blog reliably so I won't keep apologising for the long absences (not that anyone but me is reading this). I've been trying to push myself from just making prototypes and try to make something that resembles a video game.

I've replaced some of the basic stuff, rocks, jump pads, moving platforms etc. with models that have been uv-mapped, textured and have LOD's generated for them. I think this is an essential hurdle to overcome, even with the little work I've done so far I can now more clearly picture where I want to take the game in the future.

An example of how I can picture things better is how I've implemented the teleportation portals. I wanted to have a seamless effect, kinda like in portal, but I couldn't get it to be perfectly smooth, there's a lot of work needed for that, I'm not interested in doing it and I don't think it sells the idea of the game well. So instead when you pass through the portal, a death effect plays and you appear on the other side. I have the idea that the portal in fact deconstructs the player and creates a copy at the other side. It's something I'm going to play with more and find a way to tie it into the story.

Experimentations with brutalism

Part of making the 'final' game models is architecture and level design. I've tried designing many things, trying to work out what the game is meant to look like. I've seen a lot of brutalist architecture and I really like the idea of using it in the game, however it tends to look a bit crap unless its worn away in my opinion. The straight edges are too sterile and make it obvious it's a 3d model. To an extent I want them to stand out and look a bit odd on the landscape, but I wasn't happy with what I had. My idea for the brutalism is aliens who are arriving on the planet are building prefab-style structures on the surface. So I tried mixing brutalist style with technology; below is a picture of some sketches I made of a mothership and a smaller landing structure. I kinda like mixing an architecture style with something designed to move, but it might just look stupid.

I need to work out what the architecture of the native buildings will look like vs the aliens who are landing. That's why I like the weirdness of the brutalism on floating structures. It stands out, and it should since they belong to aliens who don't belong on the planet. I also found that the jump pad model I made kind of stands out a bit and after tweaking it, I decided to leave it as is. I have an idea of making things that pop out on the landscape do so because they are gameplay related, and I'll leave native, ruined structures to be in muted colours and to fall into the background against the clean lines of the invaders.